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    Presentation of organized electricity term markets


    Mechanism Presentation (CMBC-EA-flex Description)

    Centralized Market for Electricity Bilateral Contracts – Extended Auctions Mechanism CMBC-EA-flex

    Sending the initiating offer:

     Sending the co-initiating offer:

    Sending the response offer:

    Sending price adjustment for initiating/co-initiating published offers:

    Opening of the auction session D: at the date and time set by MO and published in the auction announcement;
    Publishing the results on OPCOM SA website: not later than 1 (one) working day after the end of the auction session (D+1);
    Sending the trading confirmations: not later than 1 (one) working day after the end of the auction session (D+1);

     Sending the bilateral contract of selling-buying electricity:

    First delivery day: no earlier than the 5th calendar day after 4 working days (D+5);
    Sending the invoice of the transaction tariff: within 3 working days at the beginning of the month that follows the month that transactions were concluded;
    Payment of the invoice the invoice for the trading tariff: according to the Procedure regarding the tariffs applied by OPCOM for the services provided to participants on the organized term electricity markets administered by OPCOM S.A;

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