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    Report on progress in creating the internal gas and electricity market

        Annual benchmarking reports on the opening of the electricity and gas markets since 2000 monitors how EU legislation is implemented and its practical results in individual EU countries. Input for the reports comes from the European Regulators Group (ERGEG) and the Commission's own investigations.

    The European Commission Report is available here
    Technical Annex on the Report on progress in creating the internal gas and electricity market is available here


    Progress in creating the internal gas and electricity market, 15 April 2008, Bruxelles
        The relevance of energy to Europe's growth and competitiveness is steadily increasing. Reliable energy services at acceptable prices for both industrial and household users continue to be a key factor in social and economic development. A well-functioning internal energy market is essential if all three of Europe’s energy challenges of competitiveness, sustainability and security of supply are to be met. The last step on the road to competitive energy markets was achieved on 1 July 2007 with the full opening of national retail markets. From a legal perspective, all European consumers are now able to choose their supplier and benefit from competition. However, this report shows that, in practice, market integration is still far from a success. With very few exceptions, electricity and gas markets in the EU remain national in economic scope with limited competition. This report highlights that the problems identified in the Commission’s 2006/07 Progress Report and Sectoral Inquiry Report on the European electricity and gas markets to a large extent still remain. Not all the shortcomings can be solved within existing legislation: improved legislative measures are needed.
    Excerpt from the Report. The full document is available here


      Technical Annex to the Report is available here
    European Community of the Energy Community Treaty
    Commission of the European Communities, 16 September 2005, Bruxelles
        The European Council in Thessaloniki in June 2003 endorsed “The Thessaloniki Agenda for the Western Balkans: moving towards European integration”, which aims to further strengthen the privileged relations between the EU and the Western Balkans and in which the European Union encouraged the countries of the region to adopt a legally binding agreement extending the European Community energy market to South-East Europe ....
    Excerpt from the Proposal for a Council Decision on the signing by the European Community of the Energy Community. Read more ...    


      Annex to the Treaty
    South East Europe Electricity Market options paper
    Europen Commission Directorate-General for Energy and Transport
    05 December 2005, Bruxelles

        South East Europe Electricity Market has been subject to a number of papers discussing the market design in the region. The papers present mostly a rather similar view of the future market. The main difference is in the time-table for implementation; some proposals are very ambitious and some others call for a pragmatic step-by-step approach ....
    Excerpt from the document. Read more ...    
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