Market participants usually submit their offers using the web interface of DAM application.
Alternatively, they have the possibility to record their bids by uploading a xml file compatible with DAM application.
In order to offer support to the participants in the Day-Ahead Market, OPCOM provides the participants with a bidding file intended to facilitate the use, recommended only in exceptional circumstances when recording the bids using the web interface of DAM application is impossible, of this alternative offers registration.
Usage of the above referred bidding file is the user’s exclusive choice, and, therefore, the user undertakes, that the bidding file is made available on OPCOM website "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied and having the understanding that the user itself is solely responsible for any damage that may result from such use, waiving any claims against OPCOM which result out of the use of the bidding file. In any case OPCOM will not be liable to the market participants or third parties for any damages that they may suffer in connection with using such a bidding file.

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