© ICIS HEREN - Moldova pushes for EU electricity connection
The Republic of Moldova and Ukraine have applied to join the European Network for Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSOE) in a bid to increase flows to and from the EU, a senior representative of the Moldovan Ministry of Economy told ICIS Heren. The two countries are operating reduced flows to the EU.
They have applied to join ENTSOE no later than 2020, according to Vadim Ceban, director of the Department for Energy Security and Efficiency.
Ceban said Moldova and neighbouring Romania have built a 110kV cross-border line between Felciu and Goteşti.
The line will allow the flow of up to 80MW under the current regime or 100MW under the ENTSOE regime. It is not known when the line will become commercially operational. Ceban said Romania and Moldova are also looking to upgrade a 400kV interconnector that was built during the Soviet era.
The Vulcaneşti-Isaccea line can operate flows of up to 1GW, but has reduced exports of no more than 80MW.
The restoration and construction of transmission lines between the two countries is part of a wider project to enhance political and economic links between the two states.
(THE ICIS HEREN REPORTS - EDEM 16010 / 16 January 2012)

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