© ICIS HEREN - Southeast Europe to enforce EU third package by 2015
Energy Community parties are set to implement the EU third energy liberalisation package to their natural gas and electricity markets by January 2015 at the latest.
The decision was made by the Energy Community’s ministerial council on Thursday (6th October).
Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine as well as the self-declared state of Kosovo and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia are the nine contracting parties of the Energy Community, a body set up with the EU in a bid to extend the internal energy market..
“Today we have created the fundaments for a single energy market that will one day reach from Dublin to Chisinau and from Tirana to Helsinki,” Energy Community president Valeriu Lazar said..
“The implications of the package are far reaching. We not only have to revise our laws, but there will also be fundamental changes in market structures.”.
The Ministerial Council decision sets deadlines for key provisions, such as the rules on unbundling of transport and supply and a certification of transmission system operators from their countries..
The decision also clarifies the role of the Energy Community institutions when implementing of the adopted rules. The Ministerial Council stressed the need to start bringing the region’s network codes in line with those of the EU without delay..
The third energy package was scheduled to be implemented in EU member states by 3 March 2011. However, many countries have failed to comply with the EU requirements, which led EU energy commissioner Günther Oettinger to warn that the 2014 deadline for an internal market may be missed (see EDEM 29 September 2011)..
The council also approved an implementation plan for gas infrastructure development in the Energy Community, based on a “gas ring” linking the different markets into a regional market (see ESGM 23 September 2011)..
(THE ICIS HEREN REPORTS - EDEM 15192 / 6 October 2011)

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