Extract from: © ICIS HEREN – Croatian day-ahead power market to launch by year-end

A long-awaited Croatian day-ahead electricity market will launch before the end of the year, said Croatian energy exchange CROPEX early Tuesday (2nd June) afternoon.
CROPEX is running the project in partnership with European electricity exchange Nord Pool Spot.
The addition of a Croatian day-ahead market means there will be three Balkan electricity exchanges active by the end of the year including Bulgaria and Serbia. […]
An operational day-ahead bourse is a pre-condition for Croatia to join one of the European market coupling initiatives - without the exchange there would be no market to couple.
Flow-based market coupling projects change the method that transmission system operators use to calculate the daily cross-border capacity. […]
Croatia will have to choose between two separate coupled market areas to join. To the west is the Italian-Slovenian zone, while to the northeast is the central eastern market coupling project, made up of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.
The Nord Pool Spot partnership may mean CROPEX will launch an intra-day market at a later stage.
CROPEX follows the lead of the Independent Bulgarian Power Exchange, which announced at the end of April it would partner with Nord Pool Spot to launch a day-ahead electricity platform (see EDEM 22 April 2015).
The creation of the Croatian day-ahead exchange has faced a number of delays over the past 12 months. (see EDEM 13 March 2015).

(Source: © ICIS HEREN - THE ICIS HEREN REPORTS - EDEM 19104 / 02 June 2015; www.heren.com)

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