Press Release (Bucharest, February 08, 2021)

Transelectrica and OPCOM, benefiting of the support of the Market Participants and the Balance Responsible Parties, confirm that the 15-minute cross-border product will be launched in intraday continuous trading on the Romanian-Hungarian border within SIDC, in cooperation with the Hungarian parties, MAVIR and HUPX

From February 11, 2021, delivery day, 15-minute product will be available on RO-HU border within SIDC (Single Intra-Day Coupling), which will lead to increased opportunities for market participants to adjust their commercial positions in Intraday market closer to physical delivery, thus enhancing benefits from trading electricity and reducing their costs for imbalance settlement in case of deviations from schedule.

As of 19th of November 2019, only the 60-minute cross-border product has been available on the Hungarian-Romanian border. The new 15-minute time granularity available in Intraday market is expected to send improved pricing signals to both power generators and suppliers, leading to efficient bidding process and operational schedules. The gate closure time, one hour before the given quarter-hour, becomes closer to physical delivery, allowing parties to consider the updated forecast of power generation and demand.

The 15-minute settlement interval will lead to increased system flexibility, thus decreasing the dispatching instructions issued to handle real-time imbalances in demand and supply.

Further technical information on the launch process will be published soon.



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OPCOM applies the Quality Management System complying with ISO 9001 - SR EN ISO 9001, respectively the Information Security Management System complying with ISO/IEC 27001 - SR EN ISO/IEC 27001, both systems being certified by Lloyd's Register LRQA.

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PRESS RELEASE 8.02.2021 

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