10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Transelectrica to be listed on Romanian bourse by mid-December
Romania�s state-owned electricity transmission grid operator Transelectrica SA is to be partially floated on the Romanian stock exchange (BVB) on 15 December, the Romanian ministry of industry reported on Thursday (13 October).
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Austria�s Verbund signs MOU with Croatia�s HEP
Austrian electricity producer Verbund has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Croatian electricity company Hrvatska Elektroprivreda (HEP), according to a statement issued by Verbund on Tuesday (11 October).
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Bulgaria�s Belene nuclear plant garners support and overcomes opposition
Britain�s ambassador to Bulgaria, Jeremy Hill, has said the electricity deficit left by the closure of the Kozloduy nuclear power plant�s final two units could be filled by Romanian and Turkish electricity exports � or by completing the Belene nuclear power plant....
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - CEZ and E.On buy into Romanian distribution as state sell-off continues
Czech power group CEZ has bought a controlling stake in Romanian electricity distribution company Electrica Oltenia for EUR 151 million, CEZ said on Tuesday (4th October)....
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Greek PPC posts 23.4% fall in net profit for first half of 2005
Greek power incumbent Public Power Corporation (PPC) announced on Tuesday a net profit of EUR 147.70 million, a 23.4% decrease on the same period last year. The sharp decline was attributed to higher oil prices as well as the added cost of carbon emission allowances....
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Romanian OPCOM trades 8.16% in first 11 weeks
OPCOM SA, which has been operating a Day-ahead spot market for Romanian electricity since 1 July, has recorded RON 86,757,301.05 (EUR 24.61 million) in trade in the market�s first eleven weeks, according to a statement released by OPCOM on Friday....
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Bulgarian nuclear power plant need not close at all, experts say
Pressure from the European Union to close two more units of Bulgaria�s Kozloduy nuclear power plant (NPP) by end of 2006 may not only turn the country from a net electricity exporter to a net importer, but could resonate beyond the region, Bulgarian industry experts have told The Heren Report. Moreover, the Bulgarians are arguing strongly that the Kozloduy units could and should receive the sort of licence extensions becoming commonplace throughout western Europe....
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Ten companies express interest in Romania
Romania�s ministry of economy and commerce has announced a list of ten companies expressing a formal interest in the privatization of the country�s state-owned power distributor Electrica Muntenia Sud SA....
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Ukrainian exports to Eastern Europe to rise 7%
Ukraine is to raise electricity exports to Eastern Europe by 7% in total for 2005, to a total of 4.476 billion kWh, and increase exported electricity prices by 14%, the Fuel and Energy Ministry has reportedly said....
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Bulgarian electricity prices to may rise 16% after three years� stability
A 16% hike in the electricity tariff for low-voltage industrial consumers and a 6% increase for mid-voltage consumers is envisaged in a report presented to Bulgaria�s State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (SEWRC) on 8th September, local reports say...
10-04-06Article concerning Romanian electricity market under Rob Whitford signature
In edition 69/22.07.2005 of the newsletter Energy in East Europe edited by the prestigious Platts, the division of McGraw-Hill Company, an article concerning Romanian electricity market, named �Trading places�, was published under Rob Whitford signature.
10-03-11States slow to adopt European energy laws - Commission report
EU member states have still not fully transposed European gas and power directives into law, the European Commission's internal energy market benchmarking report claimed on Thursday.

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