10-04-06Romania and Hungary will interconnect the electricity networks this year - Mediafax
SATU MARE (MEDIAFAX) – Romania and Hungary will interconnect the electricity networks this year, until the 15th of December, according to the economic cooperation protocol signed on Thursday between the two countries in Satu Mare.
10-04-06©THE ICIS HEREN REPORTS - Renewables Roundup: Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank (DB) is considering investing in renewable energy in Romania, the local Business Standard reported this week.
10-04-06©THE ICIS HEREN REPORTS - Renewables Roundup - Romania
Electrica Moldova, which is partly owned by Eon, plans to build three wind parks, with a total capacity of 112 MW in Vaslui County in eastern Romania, local media has reported.
10-04-06©THE ICIS HEREN REPORTS - Romania picks CEZ in Galati tender and Electrabel for Borzesti
Romania has selected Czech utility CEZ to upgrade and expand its Galati power plant, while Belgian Electrabel has been chosen to build a 400-500 MW station in Borzesti, Romanian state-run power company Termoelectrica confirmed to ICIS Heren on Wednesday (24th September).
10-04-06©ICIS HEREN - Bulgaria creates energy giant
The Bulgarian government announced on Thursday (18th September) the creation of a new energy giant Bulgarian Energy Holding, the result of the planned merger between state-owned power and gas companies NEK and Bulgargaz, as well as coal mining company Maritsa East.
10-04-06©ICIS HEREN - Romania to sell Nuclearelectrica stake
The Romanian government is considering selling up to 15% of Nuclearelectrica, the company which runs Cernavoda nuclear power plant, the ministry for economy told ICIS Heren. It is believed the monies raised by the flotation will contribute to the construction of the new units at Cernavoda.
10-04-06©ICIS HEREN - Hungary�s Mavir submits application to set up awaited power exchange
The Hungarian system operator Mavir submitted an application on Thursday (11th September) to the country’s energy watchdog to setup HUPX - the much anticipated power exchange.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Renewables Roundup - Romania
The Romanian Environment Ministry will invest EUR 20 million into renewable generation, it announced this week.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Czech CEZ to build 600 MW of wind farms in Romania
Czech utility CEZ acquired a project to build two wind farms in the Romanian regions of Fontanele and Cogealac, with a total installed capacity of 600 MW, CEZ said Wednesday (27th August).
10-04-06©ICIS HEREN - Enel and Eon to build a coal-fired plant in Romania
Enel and Eon are due to establish a consortium with Termoelectrica to build an 800 MW coal-fired plant in Braila, Romania, according to a regional newswire.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Czech and Slovak governments announced MOU on spot market coupling
Czech Industry and Trade Minister Martin Riman and Slovak Economy Minister Lubomir Jahnatek have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) paving the way for the coupling of their respective countries’ spot markets, the Czech ministry said on Friday (23rd May).
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Prague Energy Exchange launches OTC clearing
Prague Energy Exchange (PXE) started providing registration, settlement and scheduling of OTC trades placed on behalf of a broker participant or between the Exchange participants as of 15th May, the exchange said late last Friday (16th May).
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Enel buys half of Romanian distributor
Enel completed on Monday (28th April) its purchase of 50% of Romanian electricity distributor Electrica Muntenia Sud (EMS), in line with an agreement with the Romanian government signed last June.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Hungary to launch exchange 1st July
Hungarian electricity grid operator Mavir plans to launch the country’s energy exchange on 1st July, offering Day-ahead products, KPMG partner Peter Kiss responsible for managing the project, told Heren Energy on Wednesday (27th February), at the sidelines of the Prague-based Energy in Central and Eastern Europe Conference.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Renewables Roundup � Romania
Iberdrola Renovables plans to acquire 1,600 MW of wind capacity in Romania, according to a statement this week.

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