10-07-20©ICIS HEREN - OPCOM's emissions platform signs up its first member
The Romanian subsidiary of trading firm Consus is the first company to join the new emissions platform run by OPCOM, the Romanian power exchange, it confirmed on Friday. The platform was launched on 1 June (see EDCM 27 May 2010).
10-07-14©ICIS HEREN - Italy considers shrinking agency’s duty to buy green certificates
The Italian renewable energy sector was relieved on Wednesday (7th July) when a lawmaker introduced an amendment that would diminish the state-run energy management agency GSE's duty to buy left over green certificates in 2011. This is as opposed to eliminating GSE's obligation to buy the certificates completely.
10-07-14©ICIS HEREN - Power-hungry Turkey set to change SEE market dynamics
Large-scale developments in the Turkish power sector look set to reconfigure the dynamics of the southeast European market and potentially push regional power prices up by an average €5.00/MWh, analysts have warned. With a soaring economic growth, Turkish annual power demand is expected to double to 499TWh by 2020.
10-07-14©ICIS HEREN - Eurelectric slates CEE delays but regulator defends progress
An official from Eurelectric's market committee has hit out at slow progress towards a regional market in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), where the flow-based allocation of cross-border capacity project has stalled.
10-07-14©ICIS HEREN - Traders sceptical over launch of Hungarian power exchange
Traders doubt the official launch of the Hungarian spot exchange will happen any time soon after the platform's chief executive said the facility will not be operational from Thursday (1st July), as previously advertised.
10-07-14©ICIS HEREN - Traders mull BSP's liquidity surge and money issues
As activity on southeast European energy exchange BSP SouthPool more than quadrupled in May, some traders say that the Slovenian government is helping to raise liquidity in fear of loosing the platform over financial woes.
10-07-14©ICIS HEREN - New law could topple Italy's green certificates market
The market to incentivise Italian renewable energy production could crumble immediately if state-run energy management agency GSE stops buying leftover green certificates this month, experts said this week.
10-05-27©ICIS HEREN - Hungarian exchange rivalry sparks licence war
The Hungarian Energy Office (MEH) has come under fire from Austrian power exchange EXAA and Prague-based bourse Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE) for undermining free-trade rules to "defend the interests of Hungary s domestic companies".
10-04-28©ICIS HEREN - Romania to host largest wind farm
Iberdrola Renovables is to build the world s largest wind complex in Romania, set to supply nearly 1m households.
10-04-12©ICIS HEREN - Bulgaria mulls launching Day-ahead power exchange
Bulgaria is considering introducing a Day-ahead power trading platform, or link to a regional exchange, in a bid to boost liquidity and make the country s power market more competitive, an energy official said on Tuesday (23rd March). Bulgaria operates a
10-04-12©ICIS HEREN - Romanian energy demand up, exports fall
Romanian demand for power increased year on year by 3.1% to 8.79TWh in the first two months of 2010, but exports dropped 76.2% to 697.8GWh, according to figures released by the Romanian Ministry of Economy.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Swiss Atel acquires Romanian power trader Buzmann Industries
Swiss Atel has acquired Romanian electricity trader Buzmann Industries, with a view to strengthening its position in southeastern Europe, it was announced on Wednesday (19th December).
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Czech CEZ to supply power to Greece
Czech utility CEZ has signed a one-week contract to supply electricity to Greece, marking its entrance into the market, CEZ said on Monday (8th October).
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - UkrEnergo forms JV with Hungarian Emfesz for supplies to Romania, Balkans
The Ukrainian antimonopoly office has permitted national power utility UkrEnergo to form a consortium with Hungarian electricity and natural gas supplier Emfesz in order to restore 750 Kw electricity line connecting a South-Ukrainian nuclear power plant with Isakca in Romania and Varna in Bulgaria, newswires reported on Friday (5th October).
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - German EEX and French Powernext in merger talks � report
Germany’s EEX energy exchange and France’s Powernext are currently negotiating a merger, German magazine Wirtschaftswoche said on its website citing well-informed circles close to the talks.

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