©ICIS HEREN - Enel and Eon to build a coal-fired plant in Romania
Enel and Eon are due to establish a consortium with Termoelectrica to build an 800 MW coal-fired plant in Braila, Romania, according to a regional newswire. “Eon will own at least 51% of the consortium formed with Enel,” sources were quoted as saying. The project is due to cost around EUR 1 billion and will be built on the platform of the current power plant owned by the Romanian company. Termoelectrica will contribute existing assets while the Italian and German incumbents are expected to participate with funds. Enel and Eon will each have the right to trade 50% of the energy produced in the future Braila plant, with any profit obtained due to be shared by the three companies, proportional to each company’s participation, said the newswire. According to one Italian source, a memorandum of understanding for the deal is due to be signed on Wednesday (18th June). (THE ICIS HEREN REPORTS - EDEM 12 115 / 16 June 2008)

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