PCGN-LN - Description

Nasdaq Web Trader - Trading Platform Presentation


Characteristics of the offers
Offers are standardized in terms of:

* The hourly intervals by which the gas day is defined are in accordance with the definition in the Network Code for the National Gas Transmission System, in force

1 week, corresponding to the calendar week;
1 month, corresponding to the calendar month;
1 quarter, corresponding to the quarters of the calendar year;
1 gas semester (cold season/ warm season);
1 year, corresponding to the calendar year;
1 year, corresponding to the gas year.

Monday of each week, for the weekly delivery periods;
First day of each calendar month, for the monthly delivery periods;
01st of January, 01st of April, 01st of July, 01st of October for the quarterly delivery periods;
01st of April, 01st of October for the semester delivery periods (cold season/ warm season);
01st of January, for the yearly delivery periods, calendar year;
01st of October, for the yearly delivery periods, gas year.

The market participants enter buying and/or selling offers into the trading platform for either one of the standard instruments defined by OPCOM S.A. taking into consideration the characteristics of the offers, during the trading session.
Sequence of activities

with respect to the correlation suspension interval (Δt) for the orders proposing the best price;