OPCOM: Registration PI
Intraday Electricity Market – Registration, Convention, Procedures

Registration to the Intraday Electricity Market

Procedure regarding participants’ registration at organized electricity markets administered by OPCOM S.A., RO version only

Steps to be followed by an economic agent in the process of registration to the Intraday electricity Market are detailed in the Procedure regarding participants’ registration at centralized electricity markets administered by OPCOM S.A.:

  1. To get from the National Regulatory Authority in Energy field (ANRE) the license for energy production, supply, distribution, transmission and system operator or trading or the decision allowing foreign legal entity the right to carry out the activity for energy supply and trading in Romania;
  2. To register as a Balance Responsible Party (BRP) at Balancing Market Operator or to delegate the balancing responsibility to the other Balancing Responsible Party;
  3. To submit to OPCOM S.A. a letter of intent for registering at Intraday electricity Market;
  4. To prepare the documentation specified in the Procedure regarding participants’ registration at centralized electricity markets administered by OPCOM S.A. and to submit it to OPCOM;
  5. To sign the Intraday electricity Market Participation Agreement;
  6. To submit to OPCOM S.A. affidavit in accordance to the provisions in article IV point 1.e) from the Government Ordinance no. 28/27.08.2013 on the regulation of fiscal and budgetary measures, and the receipt of its own statement by OPCOM.
Regulatory framework for functioning of the Intraday Electricity Market

  1. ANRE Order no 202/11.11.2019 for ammending the Order no 32/2013 for approval of the Regulation for programming of production units and dispatching consumers and repealing the Order no 73/2013 for approval of the Regulation for organization and functioning of the Intraday electricity Market, RO version only;
  2. ANRE Order no. 63/31.03.2020 for approving implementation schedule of measures needed to ensure the conditions for settlement at 15 min interval scope, RO version only;
  3. ANRE Order no. 65/31.03.2020 for amending and supplementing of some orders of ANRE president in the electricity field;
  4. ANRE Order no. 230/16.12.2020 on the extension of certain terms provided in ANRE President’s orders, RO version only;
  5. Intraday electricity market Accession Agreement, revision 4;
  6. Procedure related to the operation of the intraday electricity market, revision 4;
  7. Procedure regarding collections and payments relating to the intraday electricity market transactions, RO version only;
  8. Procedure for the constitution, verification and use of financial guarantees for participation on the intraday electricity market, RO version only;
  9. Trader Manual for the M7 Trading system (MFG110):
    • M7 Version 6.10 Trader Manual ComTrader – valid from 05.11.2020;
  10. Instructions to access ComTrader Prod vXX;
  11. ComTrader Setup Guide for M7 Trading system;
  12. Instructions for accessing the M7 Post Trading system.
  13. New templates of Bank Guarantee Letters and amendments thereto for trades concluded on DAM and ID, RO version only;
  14. IBAN central account for Intraday Market: RO94 RNCB 0074 0292 1737 0081;
  15. The list of banks that joined the Interbank Direct Debit System (Transfond);
  16. The list of banks that have entered into addenda to agreements with BCR for issuing of letters of guarantee required for transactions on IDM;
  17. Addendum to the Market Accession Agreement - template for recording the modification of the identification data of market participants, RO version only.
  18. M7PTv2 access password reseting guide (only in RO for the moment)
  19. User guide for M7PTv2 system (only in RO for the moment)