Program Monday-Thursday Friday
Initiating offers receiving
Co-initiating offers receiving
Limit hours for auction sessions’ start 09:00–17:00* 09:00–14:00*
Important!  For compliance, if within 30 minutes after submitting the offers you don’t receive OPCOM’s confirmation by e-mail, please contact us by phone at 021 3071 455. In case the documents (initiating offers/ co-initiating offers/ responding offers, contracts) cannot be transmitted, OPCOM recommends that they should be compacted/ archived in one or more volumes. The auction session’s date will be set up by OPCOM, complying with the minimum publication period of 4 working days, also taking into consideration the auction sessions already announced and the initiating offers already submitted, for which the publication process is ongoing. The due dates for sending to OPCOM the responding offers, the intiating and co-initiating modiffied offers are the ones mentioned in the Table - Announcement Regarding Auction Sessions Organisation.
Total number of GC for renewable sources offered for trading on PCE-ESRE-CV is rounded towards the smaller integer (rounding down to whole number).
* If the number of initiating offers is significant, OPCOM reserves the right to extend the limit hours of the auction sessions schedule.

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There is no data available for 28/09/2022.

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