© ICIS HEREN - Bulgaria may open electricity borders within days
Bulgaria might restore its electricity export capacity flows within the next few days, the Bulgarian energy minister said in a statement on Monday (13th February). The country had curbed export capacity to deal with supply shortages.
Coal supply from the Maritsa East mines has been fully restored as of Sunday (12th February). If the coal extraction continues at this pace for the next couple of days, Bulgaria may open its electricity grid borders again, the statement said.
The country was falling 400MWh short of its internal consumption before the border closure. Unless temperature drops below zero, coal supply should now return back to normal, the statement added.
Bulgaria suspended electricity export on Friday (10th February) for an indefinite time as a cold snap made demand spike, while floods around the Maritsa East coal mines disrupted fuel supply to the biggest coal-fired power plants in the country (see EDEM 9 February 2012).
(THE ICIS HEREN REPORTS - EDEM 16030 / 13 February 2012)

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