© ICIS HEREN - Bulgaria reopens electricity grid borders on Saturday - ministry
Bulgaria is officially lifting its force majeure as of 01:00 local time on 28 January, after the coal reserves in the coal-fired power plants have reached 75%, the energy ministry announced in a statement on Friday (27th January).
Bulgaria invoked force majeure on 21 January for an indefinite time because of strikes in the Maritsa East coal mines (see EDEM 20 January 2012).
Bulgaria closing its electricity borders led to spikes on regional power exchanges and additional tightness in the Balkan power system, adding to ongoing hydro shortages.
After the strikes ended on Sunday 22 January, Bulgaria`s energy ministry announced that grid borders would remain closed until fuel reserves were restored (see EDEM 23 January 2012).
The grid operator ESO sent notifications to market participants on Wednesday (25th January) stating that borders are likely to open on 28 January (see EDEM 25 January 2012).
(THE ICIS HEREN REPORTS - EDEM 16019 / 27 January 2012)

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