© ICIS HEREN - Romania, Serbia to build interconnector
Elektromreža Srbije and Transelectrica, the electricity grid operators in Serbia and Romania respectively, signed an agreement on Monday (31st October) for a new interconnection line, set to be commissioned by July 2015.
The 400kV line, which will link Romania`s Resita and the Serbian town of Panchevo, will have a total length of 171km, split roughly equally between the two countries.
In late 2009, Transelectrica announced plans to revamp Romania`s power lines, which included the Resita-Panchevo project (see EDEM 10 December 2009). The aim is to increase electricity exchanges between the two countries` systems.
Transelectrica proposed October or November 2012 as a deadline for companies to submit bids to build the line. The Romanian section of the line is estimated to cost €41.3m, Transelectrica said.
(THE ICIS HEREN REPORTS - EDEM 15210 / 1 November 2011)

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