© ICIS HEREN - Twenty EU states missed carbon plan deadline
Only four member states submitted their National Implementation Measure (NIM) plans on time for the 30 September deadline, a spokesman from the European Commission has confirmed.
Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland are the only countries to have met the deadline. The plans, required from all 24 member states falling under the EU emission trading system (ETS), are based on EU-wide benchmarks for industrial sectors and should list exactly how many EU allowances (EUAs) each industrial plant within their borders would get for free in phase III.
This means that another 20 member states are still due to submit their NIMs to the Commission.
"The Commission calls member states to take all possible action to shorten any delay," the spokesman added, but did not comment on whether the Commission would take any action against member states for late submissions or by when it expects to receive the outstanding NIMs.
Sources had earlier warned that many NIMs from member states are expected to be delayed (see EDCM 3 October 2011).
The mass delay in NIMs submissions could result in a delay to industrial companies starting to sell off length, as they are likely to delay a decision on their phase III allocation before monetising any surplus.
The EU-wide benchmarks will replace the system of National Allocation Plans (NAPs) used in phases I and II, which left it up to national governments to calculate the allocation to plants under the Commission`s supervision.
(THE ICIS HEREN REPORTS - EDCM 6191 / 5 October 2011)

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