10-04-06HEREN: Spanish regulator to hold first power auction 1st July 2007
Spanish energy regulator CNE is set to hold its first power auction on 1st July this year, the industry ministry said on Tuesday (27th February).
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Romania�s OPCOM exchange ups H2 2006 trading volumes by 27% yr-on-yr
Romanian Day-ahead exchange OPCOM has increased its traded volume by 27% year-on-year, to 2.18 TWh for the last six months of 2006 compared with the same period in 2005
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Eastern Europe loses 1.2 GW on EU accessions
Contrary to expectations in 2006, Bulgaria has closed two units of its Kozloduy nuclear power plant, removing 880 MW of export capacity. At the same time, the first 440 MW unit of Slovakia’s Jaslovské Bohunice nuclear power plant also stopped generating.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Balkans power shortage hits Greece, few supply offers for January
Greek power incumbent PPC has tendered for 300 MW of Baseload power in January, but has not received sufficient offers due to the shortage of power in the South East Europe region.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Romania as regional alternative
Prices in Balkan power tender have increased significantly year-on-year, although some point to the second 700 MW unit of the Cernavoda nuclear plant coming on-stream in 2007 to ease supply.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - EU will not budge on Bulgarian nuclear closure
The European Commission has dismissed Bulgaria’s concerns over potential power shortages in South East Europe due to the planned shutdown of the country’s units three and four of the Kozloduy nuclear plant by the end of this year.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Balkan power tenders show high price signals
Price signals in the Balkans continue to show a dramatic increase for next year, with bids for tenders in Kosovo and Macedonia above German prices.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Verbund to step up generation in South East Europe
Austrian energy major Verbund has plans to move into generation in Romania from the beginning of 2007, Heren Energy learnt on Thursday (9th November).
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Romania’s OPCOM bilateral contracts market receives government boost
Romania’s minister of economy and commerce has mandated all supply contracts from state-owned generators to contract supply through OPCOM, which operates the Day-ahead market, to avoid any corruption. Transparency in Romania for power tenders has previously been a problem, so OPCOM suggested a similar platform to those already used in the Nordpool region and Poland.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Romania approves state aid for Termoelectrica
Romania will give RON 3.36 billion (EUR 962.8 million) in state aid to thermal power company Termoelectrica. The Competition Council (CC) announced it had authorised this sum.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Romania announces plans for privatising distribution units
Romania has announced plans to privatise its remaining three power distribution units on Tuesday (3rd October), selling a 42% stake in each unit to a strategic investor.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Bulgaria aims for coordinated cross-border auctions from January 2007
Bulgaria’s power incumbent NEK has stated it will recommend monthly explicit coordinated auctions for cross-border capacity as part of market liberalisation in the South East Europe region. Mitiu Hristozov, manager of national dispatching at NEK, told the fourth annual Energy Markets in Central and Southeast Europe conference in Sofia: “These issues must be solved by both sides of the border for interconnector capacity. Currently, each of the TSOs will allocate capacity according to its own rules, but our intentions are to carry out coordinated tenders for the allocation of capacity with all our neighbours, Serbia, Romania and Greece, and we’re already actively working towards this.”
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Bulgaria�s 2007 exports to fall 83% as Kozloduy NPP units close
Bulgaria’s power exports will fall by 83% year-on-year in 2007 as units 1 and 2 of the Kozloduy nuclear plant are decommissioned for 2007.
10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - CEZ takes out electricity trading licence in Serbia

Czech Republic power incumbent CEZ has received a licence for electricity trading in Serbia through its Serbian subsidiary CEZ Serbia.

10-04-06©THE HEREN REPORTS - Romania publishes draft NAPs for 2007, 2008-2012
Romania has published its draft National Allocation Plans (NAPs) for 2007 and Phase II of the EU ETS (2008-2012). The country, which is scheduled to join the EU in January 2007 along with Bulgaria, has allocated 81.317 million allowances to the 222 installations covered by the EU ETS for the first year of operation, according to reports. Romania has allocated an average 91.48 million allowances for 221 sites, rising from 84.7 million in 2008 to 97.1 million in 2012.

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