© ICIS HEREN - Romanian CCGT ramps up next month
Capacity from the 860MW Petrobrazi gas-fired power plant, operated by Romania`s Petrom, is expected to become commercially viable in Q4`11, a source told ICIS Heren. The plant - on the site of the Petrobrazi refinery, near Bucharest - is scheduled to be ramped up in March. However, the testing period is likely to be extended over the summer months. Natural gas volumes will be supplied from domestic and Russian stocks. Around 20% of the plant`s capacity will be used to supply the site, with the rest being fed into the grid. The cost of the project is estimated at €500m (see EDEM 3 June 2009). (THE ICIS HEREN REPORTS - EDEM 15032 / 16 February 2011)

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