© ICIS HEREN - Greece delays reserve EUA auction
The Greek auction of up to 10m EU allowances (EUAs) from the country`s new entrant reserve (NER) surplus has been postponed until the security problems of its registry are resolved, the environment ministry said on Tuesday (1st February). EUAs were stolen from Greek registry accounts last month. Greece anticipates to return to the auction plans in March, the spokesman said. The NER auction plans needs approval from the ministry of economic development before going ahead (see EDCM 5 January 2011). The environment ministry declined to say whether this approval had yet been granted when contacted on Tuesday. The 10m allowances potentially to be auctioned would fetch €14.7m for state coffers at estimated current spot prices. (THE ICIS HEREN REPORTS - EDCM 6021 / 1 February 2011)

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