© ICIS HEREN - Bulgaria to start commercial flows to Turkey - NEK boss
Bulgaria is expected to begin commercial flows to Turkey from March, the head of Bulgarian incumbent NEK, told local press on Wednesday (19th January). Turkey synchronised its lines with the Bulgarian and Greek grids in September after two dormant 400kV lines to Bulgaria and one 400kV line to Greece were revived (see EDEM 20 September 2010). However, the commercial flows which were expected to start in October were delayed following ongoing flow deviations and frequency issues. NEK head Krasimir Parvanov said Bulgaria could resume electricity exports to Turkey at the end of March. Doruk Ozkok, technical chief at Turkish grid operator TEIAS, could not confirm the news. He said, however, that TEIAS is due to hold a meeting this week to discuss the subject. "There are three phases involved in the synchronisation. At the moment, we are still in the stabilisation phase, which is the first stage," he told ICIS Heren. Turkey is expected to import up to 800MW of power in the opening phases, increasing power prices in southeast Europe by an average of €5.00/MWh. NEK was not available for comment. It recently split its generation activities from its transmission operations, which now will be under the control of the Bulgarian government. (THE ICIS HEREN REPORTS - EDEM 15012 / 19 January 2011)

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