©THE HEREN REPORTS - Romania�s spot market reaches 7% of power consumption
Romania’s Day-ahead market (DAM) volumes have grown to reach 7% of the forecast net consumption during the first year of trading under its revised trading arrangements. Volumes reached 3,642.8 GWh during the first year, with 76 members, 49 of which are active on a daily basis.According to a statement from DAM operator OPCOM, Romania is the only owner of a spot market and a functioning balancing market in the south-east Europe region. Romania is one of the most advanced power markets in the region, with 83.5% of the market open by July 2005, and 100% of the market by the end of 2007. The transmission system operator is already unbundled. OPCOM also offers a market to conclude bilateral contracts, green certificates trading and operates the balancing market. 12 July 2006 | EDEM 10.133

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