Romanian energy exchange, OPCOM, is ready to launch CO2 allowances trading as soon as the national registry is up and running, The Heren Report has learnt. The exchange, which operates the Romanian Day-ahead market, said it is awaiting pending government legislation to set up the service. OPCOM said CO2 allowances would be traded as forward contracts on the platform.
Dr. Purica from the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Water Management told The Heren Report on Tuesday (18th April) a working group had been formed to draw up a National Allocation Plan (NAP) for phase I and II of the scheme, which will be submitted to the European Commission in June.The setting up of the registry is making good progress, Purica said, and will be ready before the end of this year. Romania has already signed MoUs with various governments for 12 Joint Implementation projects, “with many more in the pipeline,” said Purica.
Romania is set to join the EU in January 2007.
(THE HEREN REPORTS - EDCM 1074 / 18 April 2006)

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