Green Certificates Market

Green Certificate (GC) represents a form of support for electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

  • Green Certificate a document which attests that a quantity of electricity was produced using renewable energy sources.
  • OPCOM – Operator of Romanian Green certificates Market – legal entyty that assures Green Certificates trading and datermines the prices on the Centralized Green certificates Market, performing the functions established by the Regulation for organizing and functioning of the Green Certificates Market (ANRE Ordinance nr. 22/2006).
  • Quota Obligation System – Mechanism used to promote the production of electricity from renewable energy sources by means of the aquisition by the suppliers of electricity, of a number of Green Certificates according to the mandatory quota imposed by law.
    The functioning of the quota obligation system for the promotion of the electricity produced from renewable energy sources supposes the following steps:
    • By law are established annual quota of electricity produced from renewable energy sources, in national gross consumption of electricity.
    • The Regulator Authority yearly qualifies the producers of electricity from renewable energy sources in order to receive Green Certificates.
    • The Producers receive for each unit of electricity delivered into the network, (1 MWh), a number of Green Certificates, according to the provisions of the law; those Green Certificates can be sold separately from the electricity which produced them, on the Green Certificates Market.
    • In order to fulfill their obligation, the suppliers of electricity have to own a number of Green Certificates corresponding with the quota of electricity produced from renewable energy sources imposed.
    • The Green Certificates value represents an additional income received by the producers for the “clean” energy that they deliver into the network.
    • The price of electricity sold is determined on the electricity market

The price of Green certificate is determined by market mechanisms:

  • By means of Bilateral Contracts concluded between producers and suppliers
  • On a Centralized Market organized and administrated by S.C. Opcom S.A.

The price of Green Certificates varies in a range [ Pmin ÷ Pmax] established by Government decision. The minimum price is imposed for producers protection and the maximum price, for consumers protection.
The electricity is traded separately from the Green Certificates.

  • Romanian Regulator for Energy – ANRE
  • Producers of electricity from renewable energy sources
  • Suppliers of electricity to final consumers
  • Transport of System Operator – TSO
  • S.C. Opcom S.A.

Renewable energy sources eligible to participate in the system of promotion by means of Green Certificates trading (Law 220/27.10.2008):

  • Hydro energy used in power plants with installed capacity until 10 MW
  • Wind
  • Solar (Photovoltaic)
  • Geothermal energy and gases associated
  • Biomass
  • Biogas
  • Gas from the landfill waste fermentation
  • Gas from the fermentation of the sediment from the sewage treatment of used waters
The regulatory framework: Romanian Regulator for Energy.

For more information regarding the Green Certificates Market download please the attached document download PDF